What just happened? Out of the blue an announcement of a European Super League was made and the world stopped turning, or so it felt. Forget Covid, forget the George Floyd murder trial, forget the troubles in Myanmar and Northern Ireland, football as we know it was about to change, and it became our nation’s number one priority. Poor Boris, who’s been having a rough time of it lately, was suddenly a hero again as he resolved to sort this disaster.


This is football. It’s a game where two opposing teams of players kick a ball up and down a field. It’s actually a very simple game in essence, and is it really a great disaster if a new competition is introduced? Personally, I hate the concept but I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. As it is the proposal didn’t get far at all and is a dead duck, so none of us need to lose sleep. This is another example of the world getting it wrong, having our priorities mixed up and not understanding what is really important.


The world is always getting it wrong. Throughout our history we have focussed on the wrong things and made the wrong decisions. God created a world where men were designed to live in harmony, but in a pursuit of power we want to rule over one another, and we create disharmony. This pursuit of power has led to billions of deaths and the creation of weapons of mass destruction. Supposedly, world super powers could destroy mankind at the touch of a button. Covid has reared its ugly face and, as I write, over three million people have lost their life to it. We have the resources and the genius to deal with Covid, but we’re selfish and want to make sure we’re ok first. India, desperate for help as it passes through a devastating second wave, can’t get the help it needs and that’s shameful.


As a result of the decisions we have made the world is filled with inequities, and we have reached a point in history where, for the first time, hope seems to have gone and we see ourselves heading towards oblivion. We even put a figure on it. If we don’t sort out the climate problem within ten years, we’ve had it. That’s not what the Bible teaches. The Bible presents a world where Jesus will reign as king, initially for a thousand year period, what’s known as the Millennium. During that time the world will be at peace and there will be enough resources for everyone. Man will be reconciled with the natural world, of which he has currently lost control.


Why do we keep getting it wrong? It goes back almost to the beginning of time when Adam sinned while in the Garden of Eden (it’s not a myth, it’s true). That brought sin into the world and our natural tendency is toward sin and not God. That’s why we want power, it’s why we’re selfish, it’s why we get upset about football, less so about people dying in Myanmar. It’s all sin related and sin driven. Many people see these inequities in the world and try to do something about it. I applaud them, but I would advise them, as I do you, you will never resolve the world’s problems until you resolve your own problem with sin.


How do we resolve our sin problem? I’ve discovered I need to remove one of those awful stickers that just won’t peel off. I need to wet it, peel off what I can and use a magic eraser. Simple! There’s no magic eraser that will remove sin. You can’t peel it off and you can’t wash it off. You are stuck with it, unless of course, you allow your creator to remove it from you. Makes sense doesn’t it? He made you, he knows how deep the sin runs, and he must have a way of removing it. He certainly does have a way, but it’s not an easy way for him. It’s the way of the Cross. There only one way that sin can be removed from us permanently, and that is through the death of Jesus where he chose to die for our sins, suffering the punishment that is rightfully ours. After all we are the sinners, not Jesus, but he alone is able to be the Saviour. Out of love for us, and although it is undeserving, he chose to leave heaven and come to die, providing a means of removing our sin from us. The Bible says, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us.” (1) It sounds horrific, Jesus being made sin, the most disgusting thing that exists, and it was horrific, but that’s what Jesus was prepared to do to deal once and for all with our sin. If you come to him in faith and take him to be your Saviour, you can be assured that your sin is dealt with. There will be no eternal consequences. There will be an eternity of living the way God intended for you. The world is offering you oblivion, Jesus is offering you eternity. Which would you rather have?


Bible References:

  • 2 Corinthians 5:21