As I walked my dog this morning I noticed it was noisier than usual. As I continued on I

could see there was some heavy machinery working in the nearby woods. I realised work had

eventually started on a new housing development; there had been talk of it coming for a while . I

looked on as some of the giant machines ploughed through the many trees, pushing them to one

side. I wondered what the wood would be used for, furniture maybe? decking? or just cut up for

firewood. Some of the beautiful old trees had been there for many years.


It felt a bit sad as the woods were being cut down as we had played there as children and had many

happy memories there. Even if it was a bit sad I thought about the many new homes that would be provided for people, a new home is always exciting, a place of rest, of new memories, your own sanctuary.


It made me think of how God has provided us with a ‘new home’ with Him.


Over two thousand years ago a tree was cut down to make something – a wooden cross. You may

wonder how that is relevant to us today?


Because of the wrong we have all done in our lives there had to be a sacrifice to pay for those

wrongs (sin). That sacrifice was God giving his only Son Jesus to take the punishment on the

cross for you and me. When we thank God for this and say sorry to Him , we can then come and make our ‘new home’ with him. There’s no big deposit that has to be put down – Jesus dying on the cross is our deposit!


So will you open that door to your New Home today and ask Jesus into your life?


It will be the best and the most important move you will ever make. It will be your Forever Home.


Bible References:

  • John 14:1 – 2
  • John 3:16
  • Hebrews 3:4
  • Isaiah 32:18