I’ve just sold a bureau that we’ve had for some years. It served us well, but it was time for a change so I’m glad it’s gone. The only problem is, where do I put everything that had been stored in its drawers? There isn’t any room for it. Every other drawer and cupboard is full, and so is the attic. Maybe the garage, but that’s pretty full too. We all have this problem don’t we? We accumulate so much and there comes a time when there’s too much. So what do we do? Usually, we load the car up and drive to a recycling centre where we dispose of our rubbish and let someone else worry about it. Some of what we leave will be recycled, some will be buried, and some will be exported to third world countries as we pass the problem on to them.


Our lives can be like that. As new born babies we start off clean, but even then the potential to get dirty is within us. Maybe that’s why children love to put their wellies on and walk through mud. As time goes by we begin to fill our lives with rubbish, and we sense the dirt all over us. Our consciences make us aware that something’s not right, but we don’t know what to do about it. Some seem to accept their filthy mess without question and thrive on wallowing in their dirt, making theirs and others lives a misery. It won’t take you long to think of someone like that, but let’s hope it’s not you.


Others are desperate to remove their dirt in whatever way they can. Some think it’s just the outside that’s dirty and become obsessed with bodily perfection. Health, fitness and beauty are considered the answer to dirt, and it’s not surprising that the industries supporting this notion are thriving. If I can just make myself look perfect I will be happy. You won’t. I’m afraid the dirt runs deep, and covering it doesn’t make you clean. Still others are aware the dirt is not just skin deep. They feel it on the inside and it hurts. Maybe they turn to counselling for help, which is good, but that only helps them to live with the dirt, not remove it. Others turn to all sorts of strange and fanciful ideas, too many to mention but none effective.


What we need is a permanent way to remove the dirt from us. Since the dirt is just as much on the inside as the outside the solution needs to be radical. What can completely remove the dirt from us? Change the word ‘dirt’ for ‘sin’ and you will find an answer in the Bible where it says, “But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.” (1) The sin within us separates us from God, our consciences make us aware of this and we feel dirty. We become aware of sin, but we can’t define it and we can’t remove it no matter how hard we try. It torments us and we’re powerless to do anything about it, but God isn’t powerless. He can remove the sin completely, make us clean and bring us into a relationship with him.


God does it through his radical solution that no one could ever have imagined. Sin is so bad, and runs so deep within us, it is so destructive, that when God takes it from us he has to give it to someone who is capable of destroying it. If you want to remove a bomb and make it safe you need a bomb disposal expert. Well, Jesus, God’s Son, is a sin disposal expert, the only one. He alone can destroy sin and take it permanently from us. He can make us clean. He does it once again in a radical way that we wouldn’t have envisaged. He dies. He suffered the consequences of our sin, he had to take it upon himself and suffer as a result, a suffering that led to his death. However, death was just temporary and he rose from the dead proving that he had defeated sin. Those who come to him in faith will have their sin, their dirt, removed. They will be clean, no more facing the consequences of their sin. That’s what God wants for you. Come to Jesus to find cleansing


Bible References:

  • Isaiah 59:2