You receive devastating news, a medical diagnosis that is terminal. You lose your job and any hope you have of paying the mortgage, and homelessness is looming large before you. After years of marriage your spouse walks out on you. Due to someone else’s illegal activity the pension you’ve worked so hard for has disappeared, and you face a very uncertain future.


These are horrific scenarios that people have to face, and where do they go for help? They may confide in a friend, phone a help line, engage in an online chat. They may just give up hope and turn to alcohol or drug abuse to dull the pain. People need hope, and a release from their pain, and these are the kind of ways people find it. Sadly, they are short term solutions that never fully satisfy a despairing heart.


God alone provides a long term solution. He is able to deal with the severest problem and bring peace to a troubled heart. He can take an impossible situation and solve it in a way no one could imagine. He can fill the empty, aching hole inside you with his love and comfort.


Last night I listened again to a song by an artist called Matt Redman. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:


On this thirsty desert ground, In a dry and barren land, I bow down, I need You now. You will call and I will come, To Your river I will run, I bow down, I need You now. Oh, living water. Oh, God, my Saviour, If I ever needed You, I need You now.”


You may be walking through a dry and barren land yourself. You may be thirsty. God, through Jesus, is the living water you need. Jesus once said to a woman in great need:


“Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (1)


God has provided in his Son Jesus the answer to all our needs, the panacea to all our ills, our source of comfort and strength. With him we can face life’s greatest problems and live victoriously through them. That doesn’t mean life will be easy but it will have purpose and can give you a positive mindset as you move on with your life.


How is all this possible? How can it be that I will never be thirsty, whatever problems I face? The answer is simple. Jesus loves you. He has known you from before you were born, he has watched you grow and seen all the problems you have faced. He knows your great need, and he knows that he alone can meet that need. He also knows that your need isn’t what you think it is. You may want him to heal you, or return your spouse, or solve your financial worries, but he knows that your biggest problem and your greatest need is to deal with the sin that is in your life. You may be the most perfect person on earth, but you still have sin that must be removed if you are to know lasting peace and the daily comfort that only Jesus brings. In fact he did what he needed to do 2000 years ago when he died for you. On the cross he was punished for your sins. During that time he cried out, “I am thirsty.” (2) To ensure you never thirst he himself had to be thirsty. If you want Jesus in your life, the only one who can meet your needs, then simply come to him. Tell him you’re sorry about your sins, thank him for dying for you, and commit your life to living for him. Through Jesus you will find a peace you never thought possible.


Bible References:

  • John 4:14
  • John 19:28