“I’m forever blowing bubbles”, once sang Doris Day, Dean Martin, many other singers, and every West Ham United fan. The song was first written over a hundred years ago in 1918, and I’ll bet none of the writers thought we’d be using the word ‘bubble’ in the way we do today. A ‘bubble’, or extended household, is a small group of people you can meet with during the coronavirus crisis. There are very clear guidelines about how many people you can meet with, where you can meet, and so on. You may have been in a bubble yourself and you’ll know they create difficulties. How do you choose who to bubble with?

Nothing to do with coronavirus, but Jesus once had to decide who to live with. His home is in heaven where he lived with his Father as the eternal God. It was a wonderful existence that would have made him exceedingly happy, but he left heaven and came to live on earth. In a sense, earth became his bubble. The difference in his existence couldn’t have been more stark. In heaven he was worshipped by angels, on earth he was rejected by men. In heaven he had untold riches, what the Bible calls “the unsearchable riches of Christ”. (1) On earth he lived in poverty. In heaven he had everything he could ever want. On earth all we gave him was a crown of thorns and a cross of wood.

If you’ve been in a bubble you’ll know it takes a lot of thought deciding who to bubble with, because you don’t want to offend anyone and you can’t afford to get it wrong. When you think of what happened to Jesus on earth, and what he gave up in heaven, it makes you wonder whether he thought it through. Surely he had a better existence in heaven? Well, yes he did, but if he’d stayed in heaven sin could never have been dealt with, man would still be separated from God and under his judgement, and there would be no eternal hope for us. Jesus had to leave heaven in order to die and take the punishment for our sins. Did he think it through? He most certainly did, but his focus wasn’t on his own need but on ours. For reasons we’ll never understand, he loves us and willingly gave himself to die for us. He chose earth over heaven as his bubble because he knew it was the only way we could know salvation from sin and God’s judgement.

I mentioned that Jesus decision was nothing to do with coronavirus. His decision was caused by something far worse, and that is sin. Unless sin is dealt with we are lost. Jesus died for our sins but that’s a truth you have to acknowledge for yourself. Christmas is coming up where we give and receive gifts. Salvation is a gift from God, and like any other gift you have to take it to receive it.

When all we’re hearing lately is about who can we ‘bubble ‘ with, or who we is allowed into our homes at Christmas, have you thought about inviting Jesus into your life, receiving God’s gift? Jesus is there waiting to come into your life, but you first have to ask. He will always be there to bubble with you, and is the most important person you could ever choose to have in your life.

When you’re deciding who to let into your home/heart this Christmas make sure you don’t leave Jesus out!


Bible References:

  • Ephesians 3:8