As I write, today is a day life in the U.K. changed once again. It’s causing a lot of confusion, not least because the four home countries have different rules. In England no more than six from multiple households can meet indoors, and that includes children. In Scotland no more than six from two households can meet, but children under the age of 12 are exempt. In Wales up to six can meet from an extended household, but children under the age of 11 are exempt. In Northern Ireland six can meet from two households. If politicians are still following the science, whose science are they following? 

In the Old Testament there was a time when Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. (1) It wasn’t a good time, rather it was a time of constant failure, God providing a saviour to make things better for a while, followed by a decline back to failure. There was no consistency, no agreed truth. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Isn’t it the same today? Coronavirus has simply highlighted the fact that no one knows what to do, they make it up as they go along. We’ve abandoned God and absolute truth. Truth is what we make itand it’s ok if my truth is different to yours. I won’t criticise your truth and don’t you dare criticise mine. I’ll live my life as I want, and I won’t be subjected to some outdated moral code. 

It sounds all well and good but where has this attitude taken us? People no longer know what to believe any more. We cling to any idea that sounds like it might provide hope, something different, and our politics swing to the extreme left or the extreme right. People no longer know who they are, so there’s a mental health pandemic, anxiety and depression are common place, and it’s getting worse. We don’t trust one another and we live with the prospect of war always before us. Abandon absolute truth and you abandon consistency, reliability, tried and tested practice, strong values. Abandon absolute truth and you abandon God. For thousands of years this world has attempted to live without him, but where has it got us? Confusion and despair. Catastrophic problems for which we have no answers, and no hope. 

We need God, we need his truth, and we need his son, Jesus. God is the creator of this world, he’s our creator, and he alone knows how to put things right, how to make everything work properly again. I have no doubt that if the world turned back to God and trusted in his son, Jesus, this world would be a different place. God alone can remove coronavirus, HIV, tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease and any other disease that exists today. He can sort out the climate crisis giving us the green world so many desire. He can sort out our minds to remove our confusion and despair. Only the creator can do this, only he knows how to make everything function correctlymake the world run as it should do, its people live as they should do. 

When I write these blogs I have no idea who reads them, how wide they are circulated, how helpful they are. I hope this one has found its way to you, if you are someone who doesn’t want God in their life. Can I say respectfully, you’re making a mistake. You need God and you need his son, Jesus. You need a Saviour to deal with your sin and make you, your part of this universe right. You need the peace that only he can bringand the truth he proclaims through his word, the Bible. 

This is my challenge to you. Pick up a Bible. There are many free ones online. I suggest the NIV version for its simpler language. When you’ve picked it up, read it. Start anywhere you want, it’s all God’s word. Read it objectively and give God time to speak to you, to reveal his truth to you, and then tell me you’d prefer a world without God, a world without truth and without hope. 


Bible Reference: 

  1. Judges 17:6