Whether or not you believe in creation, evolution, intelligent design, or some other means by which the earth is formed, you have to admit, the earth is pretty awesome. Its mountains, its seas, its huge land masses, its dramatic changing weather, its place in the universe, every aspect of the earth demands a sense of wonder.

I believe in creation because I’ve no reason to doubt the God whose earth it is, and who said that he created it. I like the way Genesis, the first book of the Bible, describes the creative process over six days.

Day One – God creates light and dark.

Day Two – God creates the sky.

Day Three – God separates the waters into one place to create dry ground. He then creates vegetation, seed-bearing plants and trees.

Day Four – God creates the sun, moon and stars.

Day Five – God creates the creatures that inhabit the sea and the birds that fly above the earth.

Day Six – God creates animals, and finally he creates mankind.

Every time God created, he looked at what he had done and said it was good, except for mankind. After he created mankind he said it was very good, the pinnacle of God’s creation, the beings made in his image who could think, reason and make choices. They could have an ongoing relationship with God and look after the earth for him.

They messed up! They sinned, and set off a cataclysmic chain of events that has affected every aspect of creation. Crops which were available in abundance required back breaking work to produce. Sin’s impact on climate meant that crops could easily be destroyed. Human greed and selfishness mean that even if we produce enough food for everyone, people starve. We’re like Joey from Friends, we don’t share.

Animals live in threat of extinction and many have disappeared, taking their presence out of our world and the fascination and pleasure they brought. Some animals are hunted and mercilessly slaughtered. Our abuse of the world has led to both the earth and the seas being polluted. Mankind is not doing his job of caring for God’s world, he is actively destroying it. Man doesn’t even care about himself. We fight, we war, we kill, we hurt, we abuse, we hate. None of this is what God has planned for his creation.

If this is what sin has done to the world, what is it doing to you? You might say, nothing. You might deny that you’re a sinner. You’re misguided, we’re all sinners. The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (1) We’re all as guilty as each other for destroying God’s creation, and many of us are still naively denying our own sinfulness, and failing to accept the need for a Saviour. You do need a Saviour, and his name is Jesus. You can change your lifestyle to become a better person. You can campaign against the wanton destruction of the planet, and do your bit to make it better, but you can’t deal with your own sin. Only Jesus can do that. He sacrificed his life and asks you to perform a simple, yet profound, task in return. Believe that he died for you, accept him as your Saviour and commit your life to living for him. Do that and your sins will be removed. While striving to clean the planet, let’s get ourselves clean too, by allowing Jesus to do it for us.

Bible Reference:

(1) Romans 3:23