It’s amazing the thoughts you have after 91 days of lockdown. I’m out walking the dog this morning, as usual. He cocks his leg up on every lamppost, as usual, and I’m thinking, why is he allowed to do that? Why is it regarded as normal? Why doesn’t he have to wear pants and use a private bathroom like I do? Then I start thinking; he’s just the same as every other animal. Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, iguanas, duck-billed platypuses, polar bears, none of them wear pants. It’s just us humans. Why do we feel the need to cover up? Is it just because of the variable weather temperature? Well, today it is, but was there ever a time when the human race survived without pants, or any other clothes?

Yes, there was. According to the Bible, when man was first created he had no need of clothes, neither did the first woman. They lived in a perfect world, with a perfect environment and perfect weather. They were never too cold or too hot. However, that’s not the reason they were naked. They were naked because they lived in complete innocence, in a world uncontaminated by sin, and knew nothing about feelings such as lust and unnatural desire. We couldn’t do the same today, because of sin. Amongst all the sins, sexual sin is one of our world’s biggest problems, and the innocence Adam and Eve knew is long gone.

We don’t know how long Adam and Eve lived in that perfect state, it might have been days or years, the Bible doesn’t tell us. What we do know is their life was blissful, perfect lives with a perfect God. Then they blew it! Deceived into disobeying God they sinned, and the first thing they noticed after sinning was that they were naked. When they next heard God in the garden they hid themselves, and God called out, “Where are you?”(1) Adam replied, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”(2) They had tried to hide their shame by sewing fig leaves together to cover themselves, but what they had wasn’t sufficient, so God clothed them with animal skins, a sign of his continued love for them despite their sin.

To hide their nakedness and shame, an animal had to die to provide the skins. God had to take the life of an animal he had created to clothe Adam and Eve, the sinners. An innocent animal was sacrificed for them. It doesn’t seem fair does it, and how much did it hurt God to do it? An innocent was sacrificed for you too, not an animal, but a man. Not any man at that, but the perfect man who was also God, Jesus, the Son of God. He died on a cross to deal with your sins.

The animal skins worn by Adam and Eve, and all future clothing they wore, were a constant reminder of their sin and shame. Clothes are always a reminder of sin, although the world has long since forgotten it to be so. That’s why we wear pants, and dogs don’t. Dogs aren’t sinners, we are. We’re the ones who need covering. We’re the ones who need a Saviour. Jesus is that Saviour.

Bible References:
(1) Genesis 3:9

(2) Genesis 3:10