Dr. Brian Cox has recently challenged the phrase, “Follow the science” as it’s related to coronavirus. He believes it will give the government opportunity to blame scientists if any advice given proves to be wrong. You can see his point. How can the four home nations be following science if two countries believe it’s ok for two people to meet up outside, one country says six can meet, and one currently says no one can meet outside. They can’t all be following the same science, but they can all be following someone’s interpretation of science. Four people have looked at the same evidence presumably, and come up with three different answers. I assume these are four highly skilled scientists at the top of their profession, which shows us how difficult it is to examine evidence and arrive at an agreed, factually and scientifically correct response. There is always that element of opinion and uncertainty

When Jesus was alive there were lots of teachers in Israel, or Rabbis as the Bible calls them. They were men who had studied the Jewish scriptures and developed ideas and rules based on them. They were often way off the mark in their interpretation, as Jesus Himself often pointed out. In fairness to today’s scientists I think Jesus would be very respectful of their attempts to help us, seeing that they are people wanting to help us. The Rabbis weren’t like that. They lived proud, indulgent, self-centred lives, openly boasting about how religious they were, while their rules created an oppressive life for the Jewish nation. Jesus was different.

When Jesus spoke it was noticed that He was different to the other teachers in Israel. It was clear that despite their great learning they were uncertain about what they taught, and could only give what amounted to nothing more than an opinion. It was therefore possible for different Rabbis to give different interpretations of the same scriptures. There was no uncertainty within the teaching of Jesus. He was in a place called Capernaum one Sabbath, where he went to the synagogue and began to teach. It’s said of Him, “The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law.”(1) It also says, “The people were all so amazed that they asked each other, “What is this? A new teaching—and with authority!”(2)

He taught with authority, no uncertainty, no hesitation, no room for doubt. He was so different and so clear that people thought what He said was a new teaching, but it was just a correct explanation of the ancient scriptures. Why did He understand the scriptures better than anyone else? Because they are the written word of God and He is the living Word of God. The scriptures He was reading spoke of Him and He knew it. They didn’t.

If Jesus was on earth today He would have a solution to coronavirus. There’s no doubt about it. His would be the sole authoritative voice that we would want to listen to. We applaud our scientists and thank them for their sterling efforts, but they don’t understand this world like He does. They don’t understand this virus like He does. He knows what caused it, how to destroy it, and how to get our lives back to normal.

If that’s the case why hasn’t He done it? Maybe it’s because we haven’t asked Him for His help. He’s very humble and won’t go where He’s not wanted.

(1) Mark 1:22
(2) Mark 1:27