It’s funny how people in the UK perceive Christians today. We’re a bit strange, killjoys, God botherers, arrogant, self opinionated. At worst we brain-wash people and break up families. In the early Church days Christians were considered to be cannibals, so today’s a big improvement on that, but still, it seems we just can’t win.

Where did this view of Christians come from? Well, as Donald Trump would say, “Fake news! Misinformation!” As a general rule, none of it is true. I can’t deny that some Christians are a little strange (I blame my upbringing!) but we’ve no brain-washers in our church and definitely no cannibals. We’re just a group of people who believe that Jesus is our Saviour and we want to live our lives to please him. One way we do that is by trying to create a society of which he would approve. I don’t mean by political means, we’ve no plans to overthrow the government, but within our church we attempt to live a certain way, the way that Jesus outlined to the apostles and we see being practised in the early church.

So what rules do we live by? I’ll list a few of them and let you decide if they make us the strange people we’re perceived to be:

  • We try to love God as best we can;(1)
  • We try to love one another as Jesus loved us, and we believe he died for us, so it’s a big ask;(2)
  • We try to love our neighbours, that’s you;(3)
  • We try to love our enemies, even if they don’t treat us very well;(4)
  • We expect our young men to treat young women with respect;(5)
  • We expect the young to respect the old, and the old to respect the young;(6)
  • We regard children as precious gifts of God and cherish them;(7)
  • We like spending time together because we have so much in common;(8)
  • We are so happy with what we’ve got we try to share it. It would be selfish otherwise.(9)

If any of that makes us strange, I plead guilty. I actually see it as a positive society, respect for all, love being shared, children valued, family life honoured. Compared with so much of what we see in the UK, give me church life any day. My words aren’t enough to convince you and neither should they be, so I’m inviting you to come and see for yourself. When the crisis is over, come to church, meet us, look around and see how it makes you feel. You might find you like it and will want to know more. Can’t wait until then? We’d love to run an online study called Christianity Explored which will explain the basics to you. We won’t brainwash you, we don’t do that. We’ll just tell you what we believe and we’ll give you plenty of opportunity to tell us what you believe. Whatever you say we’ll respect it and always treat you with dignity. If you’re interested use the Facebook or website pages to make contact. We’d love to hear from you.


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