When I was 17 I had a reputation for having nice hair. Now at 65 I’m bald.  When I was 17 I wanted to work in a bank, and at 18 I did, but two months after starting I resigned.  Turns out I wasn’t cut out for it.  At 17 I hated school and couldn’t wait to leave, but I ended up teaching for 37 years.  At 17 I had no faith at all, but one year later I became a Christian and have continued to live out my faith to this day.  At 17 I’d never eaten pizza, Chinese or Indian food, I’d never had a burger or a latte.  Now I eat all those foods, and drinking a latte while sitting in a coffee shop is something I miss dearly during this coronavirus crisis.  At 17 I lived in North Wales with no desire to ever leave home.  I’ve now been living in South Wales for more years than the North.

Life changes and doesn’t always work out as we expect.  We have our ambitions, dreams, ideas and plans, but who knows what the future holds?  Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d end my career as a headteacher, have a wife from the Rhondda, two wonderful children and three amazing grandchildren.  But that’s my reality and who knows what else is to come?

Who knows what the future holds?  Who knows what else is to come?  Not me, not you, not Mystic Meg (remember her?).  But there is someone who knows.  Someone who transcends space and time and is able to see all of life from beginning to end, not that there ever will be an end.  I know someone who is an eternal being, who wasn’t just there at the beginning of time but he started it, creating an entire universe that we continue to explore and be amazed by.  It is great, but he is greater.  He is my creator and my life is in his hand.

You know I’m talking about Jesus.  He is the Son of God, the creator of all things.(1) With the Father and the Holy Spirit life was created, times determined, empires chosen to rise and fall, heroes and villains allowed to live out their lives, men and women gifted with opportunities to do great things.  In a way that only he can, he lets us make good and bad decisions, the bad ones  bringing trouble to his world, but his overall plan doesn’t change.  This is what happened when he was murdered on a cross.  It looked like his plan to save us had been defeated but nothing of the sort.  He came to earth to die so that our sins could be dealt with.  He achieved a huge victory against sin and death while dying on the cross.  Yes, he died and was buried but he rose from the dead to be a living Saviour and Lord.(2) Millions today testify to this reality, and in many countries suffer persecution and death, but they never deny the reality that is Jesus.  He is alive, he is as active in this world as he ever was, and one day he’s coming back to reign as King.(3)  Are you ready to meet him?  I can’t wait.

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(1) John 1:1-3

(2) Matthew 28:5-7
(3) 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17