The current coronavirus pandemic is generating a number of things, a respect for heroic staff in the NHS, selfless acts of volunteering, unnecessary panic buying, long waiting times outside pharmacies, almost pointless attempts at online shopping, a fear of catching the virus or passing it on to someone else, and thoughts. Maybe above all else, worrying thoughts. Thoughts like, what’s happening? Will I catch the virus? Am I going to die? Is this really what my life has all been about? What’s the point of living if it’s going to end this way?

When God created Adam he gave him purpose in life. He was to tend the garden of Eden where he lived,(1) and when Eve was created she joined him in his endeavours. Life was perfect. They had each other with neither one dominating the other, a wonderful relationship with God, and a work to do for God, looking after his special garden. Sin damaged that perfect picture but for those who love God and his Son, Jesus Christ, life can still have a purpose that puts the whole of life into perspective and helps us to carry on in difficult times.

Having a purpose is something God wants for everyone. A part of that service is committing our lives to God, making a conscious decision to serve him. We do it not knowing where he may take us or what the future holds, but since he loves us and only wants the very best for us it’s not a difficult decision. At one time the Jewish nation were slaves in Egypt. Moses was given the task of leading them out of Egypt while Joshua was tasked with taking them into Canaan, the promised land. At the end of Joshua’s life he challenged the people to commit themselves afresh to God and gave them a choice.(2) Either they could serve God or not, it was up to them. It’s just the same today. God doesn’t put us under any pressure to serve him, he lets us make that choice. He wants people to serve him out of love, not obligation.

How our life will develop we don’t know but we can be sure we will change as we grow older. We are essentially the sum total of our knowledge, wisdom, experiences and desires. Some of us end up living contented lives thinking to ourselves, I haven’t done too badly, some of us live wretched lives where nothing ever appears to go right. Wherever you are, and whatever your current state, I can guarantee it will get better with Jesus In your life. He once said “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.”(3) It’s possible to live a wonderful, enriching life all the time, even in times of crisis, maybe especially in times of crisis, for then we realise we can’t rely on our own resources. Some things are too big for us to handle, but nothing is too big for Jesus. We commend him to you as one who will bring purpose to your life and make it so much better.

Our church is committed to helping you during this coronavirus crisis so if you need help of any sort, shopping, picking up prescriptions, prayer, a chat, an answer to questions you may have about our beliefs, contact us via Nicola on 07970 673554 and we’ll do what we can for you. Alternatively, you can use the contact details below.

(1) Genesis 2:15

(2) Joshua 24:14,15
(3) John 10:10