Every cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. While many are locked down with fear we see wonderful examples of selfless behaviour, none more so than from frontline NHS staff who have gained the respect of the entire nation. On a lighter note, I can’t help being pleased that we’ll see less of TV soaps on our screens, and what a joy it is that the Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled! No more nil points for the U.K.

Self isolation is tough, being separated from children and grandchildren, not being able to meet up with friends, no visits to pubs or restaurants, cinemas or theatres. But every cloud has a silver lining. While we’re stuck at home we have time to rest, to recharge our batteries, and best of all to reflect on our lives. Each generation seems busier than the one before and people are working extraordinarily long hours. No one has the time to think, but now we do.

What do we think about? Happy memories, proud moments, once in a lifetime holidays, regrets (“I’ve had a few” sang Frank Sinatra), missed opportunities? Perhaps during a life threatening crisis we ask ourselves what is the point of it all. What is life really all about? Is it always going to be about lurching from one crisis to another? It needn’t be. Life can be about peace, and joy, and relationship, the best relationship imaginable, a relationship with God himself.

To a Christian life is about Jesus Christ.(1) We believe that He came into the world to die for our sins and to give man the opportunity to have a right relationship with God,(2) something he used to have but threw away in the Garden of Eden. As soon as man usurped the place of his Creator he brought this awful mess into the world. Every disease, natural disaster, murder, war, all death and destruction, it’s the product of sin entering into the world. It’s enough to make God regret that He had ever created us, and who would blame Him, but instead He embarked on a plan of salvation to bring us back to Him. That’s how great the love of God is. No matter how awful we are He still loves us and wants to relate to us. It happens through Jesus Christ who reconciles us to God if we turn to Him in faith and recognise that He is the Son of God who died for our sins.(3)

What does that mean for Christians? Well, we still live in this broken world. Becoming a Christian isn’t a magic formula that resolves all our problems. Becoming a Christian is about coming into relationship with God, being able to talk to Him in prayer and listen to Him through reading the Bible. We discover as we do so that the world becomes different to us. We can face it with hope, and peace. We look at the world and know that we have a God who created it and is far greater than its greatest problem. We also know that one day He will bring all suffering to an end and we are looking forward to that day.

As you reflect and take stock of your life, spare a moment to think about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t you like to know His peace even in troubled times?

Our church is committed to sharing the love of God with our neighbours in whatever way we can. While we’re still healthy we’d be happy to shop, pick up prescriptions, chat over the phone to ease loneliness, pray for you if you want us to, talk to you about our faith, whatever we can do we will try and do it. We have a church contact, Nicola, who’s been coordinating our support. You can speak to her on 07508870899. Alternatively you can use the contact details below.

(1) John 17:3

(2) John 3:16
(3) Galatians 2:20